(Randall Krongard) I came up with Blood Prose in the middle of a divorce. I was bursting at the seams to express myself in a way that tried to make sense of all this life changing craziness around me and allowed me to vent the angst of dealing with this crappy situation. Who knows how art really works, but in my case what came out was an action thriller with strong characters, plots and raw human emotion. It was fantastically therapeutic!

While Shakespeare provided the basic plot foundation for the project, it was also important to me that this story stood on its own. That's why I used Shakespeare's language and story lines as more of a spice, if you will, to give the present day plot more layers of intrigue and intensity. This along with plenty of authentic street fighting and action scenes, as I mentioned. The actors and stunt people trained hard to get the combat to be authentic and I think they achieved that. The crew did a great job of capturing this, as well. 

I want to mention another huge character in the film - the abandoned Roxie Theater in downtown L.A. The place was perfect for us and provided the backdrop, a sort of dark, nasty side of elegance, if you will, that the story needed. There were herds of rats and dust so thick we wore surgical masks between takes. The movie gods really came through for us on finding that location.



Gentle elegance has turned to bitter edge in the heart of Miriam Gladstone. The flowered, standing ovations on Broadway and London stages are a distant memory. Now, Miriam haunts dive bars and back alleys using her once delicate hands to crack skulls instead of monologues. 

Maybe this life detour was her destiny but more likely it's the guilt that brought her to this place. The guilt that her betrayal was what set off her fiancé to bludgeon to death two fellow actors during a live, televised performance of Julius Caesar. 

This horrid past becomes horrid prologue for Miriam when rogue Detective Brandon Spurr coerces her into tracking down a serial killer. The two soon find themselves in over their heads, ensnared in a hideous web of corruption, terror and murder fueled by sickening fetishes and madness.

And for Miriam, a very personal, very bloody lesson in retribution is about to unfold.